Technical Writing

I’ve worked with clients large and small, from SaaS juggernauts like Workday to start-ups (LoyLap) and strategic development partners (Saguaro Technology). In my current role as Senior Technical Writer at Unity, I oversee all XR and mobile documentation. I also run the publishing process that delivers our website to around 8 million monthly visitors.

I have proven experience:

  • leading and managing project teams towards specific goals
  • writing and editing technical content (workflows, conceptual information, API documentation)
  • defining (and following) style standards and best practices for documentation
  • defining and documenting internal tools, platforms and processes
  • identifying target audiences and audience personas
  • training and mentoring junior writers
  • overseeing end-to-end content delivery pipelines

And, of course, I can translate developer speak into plain English, which is always a useful skill in this line of work 🙂 I’m also familiar with best practices for UX writing, having completed the Writing is Designing: The Fundamentals of UX Writing course in 2020.

Here are some of the fun and exciting things I’ve worked on:

Also at Unity, I did my part to ensure day one support for a number of next-generation platforms, ensuring core development systems, samples and APIs are documented to a high standard.

To learn more about my technical writing career, please see my LinkedIn profile.