I’ve been writing stories pretty much since I learned to write (no-one says those first ones were good stories, but hey). Below, you’ll find a selection of my upcoming work.



Ever seen a wall try to tie itself in a knot? Lynn Reid has, and that’s not even the weirdest thing that’s happened to her in the last ten minutes.

Lynn’s ability to see things outside human perception makes her the ideal candidate to join the multiverse police. However, after a bungled first mission and an unfortunate encounter with a basketful of anchovies, Lynn starts to wonder if she’s really cut out for multiversal work. When she turns to her copy of the Field Agent’s Manual for reassurance, she stumbles across a faded note that leads her to a cover-up spanning two decades and several worlds.

Now, Lynn must work to uncover the damning secret behind the note before the next End of the World, Amen.

* Cover artwork is a placeholder. Actual cover to be revealed SoonTM.


To Bloom Again

Meghan Rose, bodyguard to the stars, must brave the murky waters of polyamorous love and political intrigue to find her place in a world of treacherous technology and revenge-flavored champagne.

Writing as Darya Moon, in homage of two of the franchises who shaped me into the writer I am today (League of Legends and Sailor Moon, if anyone’s wondering ^_^).

* Cover artwork is a placeholder. Actual cover to be revealed SoonTM.