About Me

I go by Chris professionally, Chris T. Roll on social media (or Christie Roll when the misandry gets old), and Keira Sun as a sci-fi and short story penname.

I’m long past 30, but I still get carded when I buy booze. Maybe the old lady at the store is just trying to be nice.

My pronouns are they/them, because the gender binary only works until you realize you got the short end of the stick.

Passionate wordsmith with over ten years of experience writing, editing, and localizing technical and creative content. Native English and Romanian speaker, fluent in Japanese. Death before Strunk & White.

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This isn’t meant to inspire you. Life’s what you make of it, not what you glean from other people. I tried things, I failed, I got up and got better. Does that mean you can do it, too? Maybe so, maybe not… [keep reading]